• There will be non-alcoholic beverages including Diet sodas.
  • Suggest to members to bring Hemshekh Songbooks, pictures, softball gloves, bats, balls, tennis racquets/balls, frisbees, instruments, sunblock , insect repellant (mosquito fest at night) near the lake and medications.
  • Circle Lodge’s Covid Policy:
    • Patron will follow guidelines set forth by Management regarding COVID regulations which may shift somewhat in the time leading up to the event. Such guidelines will be based on CDC, BOH and medical advice, and modified to follow minimum regulations set forth by state as well as best interests of the property itself as determined by management.
    • LODGE/CAMP will require a general property waiver and a COVID waiver to be signed by all guests.
    • In an email exchange the other day they said their kitchen staff is no longer required to wear masks.

Mass Transit:

Kinder Ring suggests that people take a train to the Poughkeepsie train station and take a taxi or Uber.  They say that taxis are waiting at that station, which is 25 mins away. Here is a link to a workbook for coordinating ride shares with people who are driving as well as coordinating sharing of taxis to and from the Poughkeepsie station:


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