As of Sunday, July 2, we have:

  • OVER 119 attendees so far!

Thank you for the scholarship contributions!

Note WE ARE ALMOST OUT of private rooms. Book NOW! We are trying to secure more.

Requested Activities:

  • I don’t care. It’ll be nice to be there.
  • Gaga
  • milk and cookies
  • Need to record oral history of camp by groups of 4-5 years 59-63, 64-68 etc. Then record a general discussion on the significance of camp personally, culturally, politically etc. All welcome none urged.  But it’s an opportunity not to be missed to create a record and archive.
  • Camp Sing a Long;  Kultur Nakht; Sign Up talent night;
  • Political Poster Contest. 
  • Singing (with lyric sheets please)
  • Camp fires,
  • hikes
  • Color War
  • discussions on Camp History, Yiddish
  • dance; music
  • Sing alongs
  • lanyard
  • folk dancing S
  • calisthenics
  • Hemshekh Trivia Pursuit game show evening activity
  • team corn hole
  • talent show
  • camp stories
  • Storytelling, recollections
  • rowing
  • volleyball
  • Games
  • Ping Pong
  • Bike outings (if I can bring my folding bike); singing; s’mores; scavenger hunt; talent show; culture night; arts & crafts; folk dancing; line dancing; square dancing; story telling (a la NPR Moth Radio); relay races; cooking lessons; poetry reading; oral history; panel discussions; interviews; memorials; social media; play performances
  • The Infirmary Diaries. A round table discussion of Hemshekh maladies. Physician participation encouraged.
  • Yiddish Originals. Yada and Olympic compositions revisited Transliterated song sheets a must. Author/writers please join
  • English Originals. Yada and Olympic compositions revisited. Sing sheets a must.
  • Lake swim with Stacey

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